Entity XX - Goldposts (or, the first draft nought ever showed up in)
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HABITAT(S): Statutum


Entity XX designates any and all physical or digital advertisements, promotions, and public service announcements throughout the Backrooms that contain depictions of sub-entities XX-A, B, C, or D.

Instances of Entity XX differ in the exact message they contain, but most contain themes of general level and entity documentation safety. The source(s) of these appearances (print, or otherwise) is completely unknown and untraceable, and is not affiliated with any known group or organization.1

Definitive proof of the existence of Entity XX-A, B, and C is unattainable at this time. No records outside of Entity XX-D's testimonies attest to their existence outside of Entity XX instances.

All known instances of Entity XX are abiotic. Due to the categorization and experiences of Entity XX-D, however, discussion surrounding its reclassification to an object has been tabled for the present.

Until further evidence is available for review, Entity XX-A, B, and C are presumed to be entirely fictional.


Most reports of Entity XX occur in regions with established civilization, likely due to higher amounts of advertising space and civilian populations. However, there are exceptions in which Entity XX instances manifest outside of cosmopolitan areas.2


A survey of reception strength of a radio instance of Entity XX, taken over a portion of Level 10. This survey lacks the distance gradation expected from a single-source broadcast.

The exact behaviors of Entity XX differ by medium.

Print instances of Entity XX appear without warning on any dedicated surface (billboards, bulletin boards, barren walls, etc.), and—if left undisturbed—will linger for four to seven weeks before disappearing. If the advertisement is removed from its original position, it will not disappear, even after the specified period of time.
Such instances, despite their anomalous nature, are still susceptible to physical processes that may damage typical print material.

Several print instances of Entity XX, referred to collectively as "guides", can only be found in Entity XX-D's storefront. Other than the self-updating properties described below, these are physically identical to non-anomalous paper booklets.

Radio instances of Entity XX can be received in the majority of existent levels. No definite source of these transmissions has ever been traced, as these radio signals coexist and behave alongside normal background radiation; that is, they are omnipresent in representative levels3. If an active broadcasting system is present in a level, these instances air regularly every 90 to 120 minutes. In levels where no such system exists, the time period between reception may extend up to three days.
Existent levels with heavily compromised spatial-temporal stability, such as Level 322, Level 30, and Level 110, do not receive these signals in any location.
A small subset of otherwise typical levels, including Level 6, Level 400, Level 73, and Level 160, are also devoid of any radio presence.

Video instances of Entity XX are restricted mainly to central Level 11 and areas of Level 138, as these are the only established urban areas in the Backrooms with significant quantities of electronic signage (billboards, tickers, etc.). These messages are unremarkable in their behavior.
Of note is the complete lack of Entity XX instances in televised broadcasts, ad-space or otherwise.

All instances of Entity XX in levels with established civilization—past or present—are translated into the predominant language(s) spoken in that area. This is known to include languages that are currently untranslatable.
Radio instances received in areas not known to host civilization will cycle through a number of identified and unidentified languages and dialects.
There are no known anomalous effects of viewing or listening to Entity XX-based content. The extent of Entity XX's effects on the mind are mild imprints of often-used phrases or mottos in the memory.

Entity XX-A ("Nought")


Entity XX-A is a humanoid of childlike stature bearing a heavy resemblance to the art and body style of early 20th-century cartoon characters. XX-A wears ochre shoes, pants with suspenders, white gloves, a black tricorn hat, and a cape made of beige carpet.4
Of particular note is their head, which appears as a cuboid room. The upper left portion of the room is truncated; what is visible of the inside perfectly resembles a typical room in Level 0. All depictions of XX-A leave their left eye closed.


Entity XX-A appears in most instances of Entity XX that carry some message relating to level exploration and documentation, as well as several smaller topics relating to general daily well-being. They also voice over the majority of audio/video Entity XX instances.

Entity XX-B ("Cross")


Depictions of Entity XX-B in media are heavily stylized to match late 20th and early 21st-century cartoons. XX-B resembles a typical—albeit stocky—instance of Entity 10. although they have no visible nose or mouth.
XX-B wears a cropped blue tank, a dark blue baseball cap, and a dark blue backpack; the latter of which is frequently used in instances of Entity XX as an example of how to effectively prepare for inter-level expeditions.


In contrast to their companion, Entity XX-B typically appears in instances of Entity XX that carry some message relating to entity/object encounters and documentation.
A minority of audio/video Entity XX instances are voiced by XX-B, although their muffled speech can prove difficult to clearly listen to.

Entity XX-C ("The Catch")


Entity XX-C has no morphological differences from a typical instance of Entity 13.


Entity XX-C differs in typical Entity 13 behavior in that its appearance is not restricted to the vicinity of hallway intersections, and that it does not attempt to grab or "transport" any nearby humans or entities.
Entity XX-C is not capable of verbal, written, or facial expression; it has never been recorded or known to speak—or even move—in the promotional material it features in. Despite this, plenty of Entity XX material contains helpful "quotes" inexplicably attributed to XX-C.

Entity XX-D ("Queens Patrician")

Biology / Appearance:

Entity XX-D (alternatively referred to as Patrician) is the only confirmed human prevalent in Entity XX media, as well as the only individual to appear outside of promotional material in the real world.


All physical appearances of Patrician are within their sales kiosk, both of which migrate between levels. There is no known pattern or schedule to Patrician's appearances, but neither he nor the kiosk stays in a single level for less than one week.
Patrician spends whatever daylight hours the level contains selling various goods from their kiosk. The inventory of this kiosk cycles regularly, but some products have been pulled over concerns from individuals or groups.
The prices of these items generally fall within the expected retail price.


Below is a list of objects Patrician has offered on at least one instance.

Log XX-1:

Additional Information:

Recorded Instances:

Any and all instances of Entity XX are to be reported in this section. Photos and text descriptions can be uploaded to M.E.G.'s Entity Watch Portal anonymously.

Log XX-2:

Do's and Don'ts:





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