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  • Level 23: The reason I made Monita. The overgrown ruin vibe is a hard one to mess up, and even though there are a few very strange statements (how'd you just casually decide it has the volume of Ceres? or identify the Great Pyramid specifically as a sphere?) this pulls it off very well. I'd live here if I could guarantee I'd be safe and sound honestly. (More fun than a munitions plant, at least.)
  • Level 52: God damn this had a decent rating last time I checked. Are people really that peeved about the number? I think it's written quite well, and the twist regarding the snow actually being viral sludge is a fun concept. Kinda wonder how they figured that the snow mites' interiors are 'gooey', though. They're microorganisms they're all kinda just Like That. Don't care too much for the other entities but maybe that's just because I fixate too much on the funny viruses
  • Level 75: The reason I made Brunel. You might be able to tell which levels I really love the concept of by what levels I design patron spirits for, and this is no exception. The trend of 'x but with this not actively harmful y' tends to work well when thought-out, in my opinion: having a cave made of gallium shift and melt in its own hot drafts is nothing short of genius, and a unique flavor of terrifying.
  • Level 79: An odd pick, and I'd be hard-pressed to say it's the most well-written. But the concept is quaint and thoughtful for an author with only one page—this—to their name. I hope Allen is having a good day.

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