Level 776 – Vertical Vineyards


Level 776 is an architectural complex of finite area, comprised in equal part of multistory housing spaces and massive viticultural structures designated as 'megatrellises'.
Level 776 appears to be designed as a combination residential area and winemaking plantation, though the lack of life-forms or automata present within suggests this intent was either abandoned or—more likely, given the common nature of similar architectural levels—never actuated.

Level 776's ground layout closely resembles that of contemporary Western cities, with a grid-based arrangement broken up by stone walking paths, functional public lighting, and interspersed arboreal municipal parks. Despite a lack of upkeep, these spaces do not appear to be in any notable state of disrepair or neglect.

Living Spaces

The living spaces themselves are best described as a single continuous mass of building that spans the entirety of Level 776. Although these living spaces lie on three distinct foundations, upper-story transport—mostly in the form of enclosed pedways—is abundant, meaning traversal from one area of Level 776 to any other can be achieved without ever reaching the ground floor.

The interiors of these buildings more closely resemble that of commercial hotels than their exteriors suggest, as numerous hallways and staircases connect swaths of housing units that would remain disconnected in traditional terraced houses. These housing units and hallways contain modest but livable furnishings, all ornately decorated and in serviceable condition.
The ground floor of Level 776's buildings is largely comprised of lobbies, waiting rooms, guest areas, and hallways/staircases leading to the upper floors. This floor is broken up in multiple locations by tunnels running through the building's width, providing easier access by street to corners and other ground-level areas that would otherwise prove tedious to reach by foot.


The ground area of Level 776 not occupied by buildings, streets, or parks are instead taken up by latticed-metal towers, each roughly occupying the ground area and height of a typical modern high-rise building. These appear to be constructed entirely for the purpose of growing and harvesting grapevines in a similar manner to typical trellises, albeit on a uniquely industrial scale.
Each megatrellis is constructed of a sparse array of flat metal beams, aside from a single central spiral staircase that spans the structure's height. These staircases occasionally branch off into horizontal walkways extending towards the tower's exterior, presumably for additional harvesting access; however, both these walkways and the staircase itself are minimally constructed in favor of allotting the maximum space for the resident grapevines to spread.

Due to the lack of such a harvesting operation, these megatrellises are almost entirely subsumed by grapevines. These plants superficially resemble Frontrooms grapevines, albeit with multiple adaptations uniquely suited for its growing conditions.

  • The outermost vines contain very little in the way of fruiting bodies, and instead almost exclusively produce overlarge leaves. Conversely, the vines located within the megatrellis' structure contain mostly fruiting bodies and almost no leaves.
  • The lowermost stems may grow to a size closer to a tree trunk than a vine, with a layer of thick bark to match. Although the roots of one of these vines have yet to be observed, it can be assumed the root system is similarly overlarge in order to support the sheer volume of plant matter above.

The fruit produced by this species is edible and, despite the overall plant's size, is similar in size to that of its Frontrooms relatives.

Level 776.1

Level 776 sits upon a larger architectural structure, tentatively designated Level 776.1.
From the complex that is Level 776 proper, Level 776.1 appears a single section of building that extends downwards beyond view, eventually disappearing into the slight haze that permeates the level's airspace. Level 776.1 is outwardly designed in the same manner as the buildings that stand upon it.

Neither the nature of its interior or entrances therein are known.

Entrances and Exits


Map of Level 776, with marked entrances/exits.

All means of travel to and from Level 776 are two-way, apart from exit E.

  1. Level 777: The indicated pedway, regardless of which end it is entered from, terminates in a (previously locked) doorway to the Lobby.
  2. Level 13: The third-floor door marked '332' on either level leads to the other's hallway, in front of a similarly marked door. In either case, no room 332 actually exists.
  3. Level 165: The indicated municipal park contains a single stucco garden shed, which contains an array of ordinary gardening tools and a single door to Level 165 on its back wall, not visible from the exterior.
  4. Level 5: The ground-floor door marked '112' leads to and from a cluttered storage closet in the hotel's boiler rooms, opening up into the main complex via a door on the opposite end.
  5. Level 998: The elevator door on the fifteenth floor adjacent to room 1518 leads to the bottom of Level 998's staircase. Due to the nature of Level 998, one cannot return to Level 776 after taking this exit.


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